Top 10 Cutting Edge Web Design Trends for 2019

February 14, 2019

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Since we are living in an era where smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, the year 2019 will give us the liberty to utilize features like we haven’t heard or done with computer systems. Designing a webpage is crucial and it is important to observe the modifications and understand the cutting-edge tendencies. Mentioned below are few emerging trends in website design that will be huge in 2019

1. Evolved Chatbots – owing to the advancements in machine learning and AI, chatbots will be more efficient, and intelligent. It will show up more on the webpage and will have a higher level of customization as compared to past iterations. It is expected to have bright colors in order to make it more inviting and friendly mascots for a personable face.

2. Natural, organic shapes – the natural shapes and smooth lines will gradually replace the systematic grids. In the year 2019, the trends will impart a feeling of comfort and accessibility. The organic shapes will not just set the page elements apart from the rest, but will also provide depth. The aim is to make the webpage more alive and human by incorporating illusion of movement.

3. Micro-interactions – when you take a small action on an app or a website, it results into a specific response; this is what is a micro-interaction. Like the red icon reflecting the message count of Facebook is micro-interaction. These have been around for a while, but in the year 2019 web pages will feature more. Micro-interactions surprise the user, the event created is human and inviting. The micro-interactions transmit information to the users subtly regarding their usage and actions and impart a smarter feel to the webpage.

4. Minimalism – it looks classic and timeless with little content and elements on the website. The rightly designed website will show the user what he/she has been looking for in a hassle free way. In the year 2019, fade -in effects and animations will make the scrolling more meaningful and will also give web pages more space for content. There will be more of white space and less of distracting elements.

5. More video content – video content diversifies the page and also caters to those audiences who do not have enough time to scan through. Talking about Google, in the mixed search page results, the video content is featured above the standard web pages. Therefore, the websites now prioritizes video production so as to offer content efficiently and easily searchable.

6. Thumb-friendly navigation – the mobile phones have taken over the desktop, so the overall design is now more thumb-friendly.

7. Black and white palettes – color unifies brand, cultivates a mood and also guides users. But in 2019, we will see more black-and-white web designs, making statements where the shapes and textures will appear clearer. Black and white color offer a striking look and by adding an accent of color, it will look more interesting.

8. Glitch art – this is one form of retro design, making its comeback in the year 2019. Glitch art imparts a feeling of confusion and the unintentionally striking image gives the website a psychedelic look.

9. Serifs on the screen – there is this conventional rule that sans serifs are meant for screen and serifs are meant for print. But in the year2019, the decorative, perfect for emphasis serif will give conventional a bit of shock. We will see more of bold serifs in the headers and callouts this year.

10. Diversity – this year, websites will bring together people from different parts of the world, ages, cultures, gender identities and abilities together. There will be a reflection of all in the content rather than just photos of the models.