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6 Tips for Improving Your Web Design in 2018

If you are planning to improve your website design, you need to consider a lot of factors. Given below are a few tips that can help you do things the right way. Read on to know more.

2. Unnecessary Elements

Some elements of your site may not provide the value or message you want to deliver. For instance, lengthy articles, complicated animations, and too many images or videos are bad for user experience.

It’s important to keep in mind that the visitors have a short attention span. On average, visitors spend 8 seconds on a blog or site. If they find your site appealing, they will stay. Otherwise, they will click away.

So, make sure you use images and videos sparingly. In addition, keeping articles between 500 and 1000 words is a good idea.

3. Social Share Buttons

It’s great to have quality content on your site. But if you don’t allow your readers to share your content, you can’t get the attraction you need. So, we suggest that you add social share buttons on your site. This will help you get tons of traffic from social media sites as well.

Ideally, you may want to place the bottom on either the bottom or top of each blog post. These buttons will allow your readers to share your posts directly on their favorite social media site.

4. Calls-to-Action

As soon as your visitors visit a web page on your site, what do you think they will do next? At the end of each blog post, you should have a call-to-action button. This button could be a link to another post or a product or service you want to sell.

5. Images

On a web page, images are used o make the content more compelling and convey the right message. You can choose from tons of images. But make sure you choose high quality, relevant photos.

You can get photos from stock photo websites, which will cost you a small amount of money. You can also shoot photos in your own office if you have a good quality camera and required skills.

6. Navigation

Navigation is one of the most important elements of your site. it’s a type of map that shows the primary places on your site that the visitors can check out. It’s disappointing for the visitors to land on a site that has poor navigation interface. So, it’s important that your site can provide your visitors with the information they need in a few seconds.

How Does A Responsive Web Design Benefit A Business?

February 14, 2019

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Responsive website is nothing but a website that effectively adapts to the size of its visitors’ viewport. The main motto of this kind of website is to render content differently based on the screen size or the device to ensure that the visitors have the best experience irrespective of how they access the site. The best benefit of a responsive web design is it helps the site load fast sans any sort of distortions and thus the users can easily view the content without manually resizing the page. Let’s explore the other important benefits of a responsive website design Horley.

  • Increased Mobile Traffic

More than 50 percent web traffic to the leading websites comes from mobile devices. So it’s required for the companies to design their sites accordingly so the webpages can perfectly render on the small screens without any distortion or below-quality site layout. Though some businesses still develop separate versions of their site for the mobile users, with responsive web design it is not needed. It provides versatility at an affordable cost.

  • Low Maintenance Cost

Having a different version for mobile users need extra testing and support. On the other hand, the process of developing responsive website entails standard testing methodology for optimal layout on any screen. Having different versions for desktop and mobile also needs two different content strategies, two design teams and two administrative interfaces. But with the ‘one size fits all’ approach of responsive web design Horley , there is fewer headaches for the developers as well as owners and visitors. This unique approach also makes them less expensive to be built and maintained. Spending less time towards maintenance also frees up significant amount of time that can be spent on more essential things such as content creation and digital marketing.

  • Quick Development At Low Cost

It takes much less time to build a responsive website than making a separate mobile application along with a standard desktop version. And as you know time is money, responsive websites automatically cost less than its alternatives. Even if the initial cost of developing a responsive website is higher than building two separate versions of a single website, it’ll let the businesses save money in the long run on maintenance cost, configuration cost and lots more.

  • Faster To Load The Pages

Mobile users usually have very short attention spans. They usually leave the page that takes more than 3 seconds to load. If a website is not properly optimised for tablets and smartphones, it will take even longer to load and navigate. And that often makes the users frustrated and they abandon the page. But with a responsive web design, it won’t happen. Such websites are built using latest technology like responsive image display and caching for betterment of the webpage’s loading pace.

  • Better SEO

Responsive web design is extremely important for search engine optimization or SEO. It is even sometimes more important than the content. Better bounce rate and stronger backlinks ensure higher search ranking. At the same time, it has an additional SEO benefit for the mobile optimized websites. Having a responsive website instead of two separate mobile and desktop versions can avoid any issues with duplicate content that can badly affect the ranking of a website on Google.

What Are The Most Important Principles of Website Designing

February 14, 2019

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Website design and development is no longer clearly defined as a type of industry and it becomes extremely difficult to distinguish between the two areas. Customers are no longer satisfied when web designers provide them with a fantastic mock-up of website design. What they want is more.

Performance is the key to customer satisfaction. A Web site that is compatible with all the aspects of web design expected by end-users and optimized for Google and other search engines, as well as compatibility between browsers and devices, helps to make their way to the heart of their business. But from there, the task of the designer is to make sure that they continue to build an eternal relationship. Website designing companies in Hyderabad

In 2018, web designers must continually face the growing technical challenges of new trends in web design and responsive, user-friendly building sites, compatible with many enterprise-style compatible devices, and everything else. Simply amazing. This year, we are all ready to introduce innovative trends in website design in the business world. In this blog, we will discuss the 11 major trends in web design that companies need to consider in 2018.

Responsive Website:

Responsive Web Design is a craze for web commerce. Market demand for portable devices such as smart phones, tablets, etc. is constantly expanding and therefore offers a huge market potential. Essentially, responsive website design has become a standard and Web / UI developers want to learn coding requirements to develop mobile-friendly websites. Reactive Web Design is a design that needs to be adjusted to the size of the user’s screen or running on allied mobile devices. Click here to see the example of the Responsive Web Design website. top web designing companies in Hyderabad

Flat user interface or flat designs in websites:

The flat user interface or flat designs are the design language widely used in several graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for creating websites. Greater emphasis on flat designs, simplicity, and clarity will help websites reduce excessive clutter and focus on the user’s overall content and experience.

Use of geometric shapes:

In the United States and India, website designers and website developers use circles, patterns, and rectangles to make their websites attractive. If you are a web designer, your goal should be to get your hands on new creative layouts and the design of your website. web designers in Hyderabad

Play with bright colors:

In modern website designs, flat and hardware design is primarily used to structure the page. It brings bright colors to your design and makes your webpage or logo much more appealing. The website design and development company in India these days uses multiple colors to create new logos.

Pictures of the banner:

From size 728 × 90 to 1349 × 632, banners on our website have evolved into banner images. A decade ago, banners covered the top of the website above the text. See the images below to see the evolution of the images of website banners.

Hardware design:

The next-gen style language is Google’s design style language. This is the latest update of web design trends that has replaced flat design web pages. The material design adds to the depth of the field. The website then appears to have multiple layers using shadow and light effects. All this incorporated into a responsive design. best website designing company in Hyderabad

Advanced Web Theming:

Theme conversions, whether it’s converting PSD to HTML or converting PSD into Word Press, have been around for a long time on the Web. Due to the many technological advances of recent years, the conversion of themes has taken a new step towards the new Web. PSD arena to Word Press through Bootstrap offers multiple business benefits to companies. This is one of the new trends in website design for businesses in 2018 because it offers the following benefits:

Speed of rapid development

Easily customizable

The mobile first


Large grid system

Regular updates

Make Google Map a creative asset:

With Google Maps on your website, it’s easier for the public to know the exact location of your business, allowing them to reach you easily. Good things you can actually add a creative appeal to Google Maps and use it to prepare the visual elegance of your website.

A lot of websites have Google Maps, but each one looks the same. Yours may be different. The most recent trend is to personalize your Google Maps based on your website design. If you do it wisely, you can even add a subtle and yet strong dimension to the creative nature of your web design. Low cost web designing company in Hyderabad

Importance of Bespoke Website Design

February 14, 2019

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Nowadays, you can design a website on your own without spending any money with the help of free templates available. This does not require any technical knowledge and can also save a big amount of money. You just need to choose a basic WordPress theme for free, make the necessary changes in text and images and your website is ready. If you are more concerned about the good looks of the website and don’t want to spend thousands of Pounds on building a website, then it is a good option for you. You can get it done for free or by spending the negligible amount. However, nowadays websites are much more than just how they look. They are the base of your online promotional campaign. They are considered as the pillars with the ability to leave your competitors far behind when it comes to attracting the client. So, you must buy a bespoke web design in London for your business.

Many business owners think that these designs are very expensive, but their advantages are much more than the cost. Let’s have a look at the benefits of bespoke web designs for which they are gaining more importance.

  1. Design- If you want your website to be unique, it must be better than that of your competitors. Therefore, you must pay attention to the design of the website. The best way to make your website unique is to make it bespoke, custom-made. It is made with your involvement while adding originality and your passion. However, it does not mean that every creative idea you have in mind will be brought into reality. You should share your ideas with the designing company, they will suggest you what is best for your business and the website will be depending upon the type of your business and ideas developed by both you and the developer.
  2. Technical proficiency- The coding done for your website is like building blocks. The strong and well-formed website is the one built with the latest technology like HTML or CSS. Bespoke web designs are built by using advanced web development technology. Hence, they are technically proficient. You are less likely to face technical errors while using them. However, by considering the amount of time required to be spent on the development of strong code, many of the less experienced developers prefer using poorly built code. So, you have to be watchful while selecting the developer for bespoke web design in London.
  3. Adaptability- When a website is built, it is important to make sure that, it is ready for the future. As we all are aware, websites are built for attracting the potential customers and if you don’t make it adaptable to the change in technology in the future, you will have to remake it. Bespoke website designs are built keeping this thing in mind and hence they are adaptable to any minor or significant changes occurring in the technology. With minor changes and updates, the website keeps on running flawlessly.
  4. Work as the brain of your business- As mentioned earlier, these days it is not enough for a website to look good, it should work as the brain of your business. Bespoke websites when set properly can provide you with more data and information than required. You can even find out the locations of the customers, the ways through which reached you, which are the websites they visit frequently and for how much time they use your website. The information like this is very much important and can be used to gain profitability. You can make enhancements in your strategies based on this information.
  5. SEO- Search engine optimization is the process through which your site is optimized to appear among the top search results. The optimization is done around a particular keyword. Bespoke websites are search engine optimized and the focus is on reducing the risk factors while making the website, user and mobile friendly. The ultimate goal of building a website is to covert the number of inquiries into customers. Bespoke websites are the best in this factor.

Why Your Business Needs Custom Publishing And Product Photography?

February 14, 2019

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Diving into Custom Publishing, we have to ask ourselves why custom publishing is a better alternative to other means of publishing. I mean, if it isn’t a better option, then why is the custom publishing market growing in leaps and bounds every year across the globe? Users looking for Web Design Sonoma have often demanded publishing services as well because they know simply hiring a company for Web Design Sonoma would not give them what they need.

Advantages of product photography

Match the needs of your trading partners

Image quality and dimensions must meet industry standards, which fulfils the needs of your trading partners, requesting Product photography Napa.

Convenient and flexible

Experts can take professional digital images of your products to a new level. Simply submit a request for Product photography Sonoma and specify your imaging requirements.

Simple and straightforward

Product images taken by experts (both planogram and marketing images) can be supplied via email or via secure, web-based file exchange. If you are a Smart Media user, things could be a lot faster.

Cost effective

Companies offer competitive pricing on our photography services, and savings for Bottle shots Napa service.

High quality

Professionals ensure product images adhere to guidelines for image colour and quality. Touching up is as seamless and undetectable as possible, with the aim to be convincing at a minimum of 200% magnification. Dates for product blemishes, expiration and best before are edited for maximum quality.

It may seem like an advertising expenditure, but if you know how to go about it, it can actually be a potential means of creating monetary income. What does that really mean? Well, it means you can start your own magazine, spread ideas about your company, get people talking about your company, understand more about your company, and with all of that, your company can make more money than it started out with! That really is the Power of Publishing!

Now the question is how you would find a reliable and expert service provider who can fulfil all the needs you have, we recommend Left Coast Marketing, they have been in business for 10+ years and served hundreds of clients across the USA.

How Can a Responsive Web Design Benefit a Business?

February 14, 2019

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One of the best benefits of the responsive web design is that it aids in the fast site load leading the users to easily view the website without manually resizing the pages.

Check out some of the other important benefits of responsive website design!!

Most of the leading web design companies in India have observed the following advantages of the responsive website design in business –

Enhanced Mobile traffic – There are more than 50% of the web traffic which comes from mobile devices and therefore, it is essential for the organizations to design their sites accordingly so that the web pages can perfectly render on the tiny screens without any quality issue or distortion. Though there are some businesses that still develop separate versions for their website for the mobile users, however, with the website design, it is not needed. Web design, thus, provides versatility at an affordable cost.

Less Maintenance cost – If there is a different version for the mobile users, it requires extra testing and support. There are always different content strategies for having different versions of the website.There will be two administrative interfaces and two web design teams. But when you have one design that fits all the needs, there will no extra costs. This distinct approach makes the strategy less expensive and makes it better for building and maintaining the website. The one size approach fits it all.

Quick Development at fewer prices – The best part is that it takes lesser time to build a website design than making separate mobile applications for the standard desktop version. Since time is the real money, the websites automatically cost less than the alternatives. The initial cost of developing a website might be higher than building two separate versions of the single website, but it is definitely a great advantage in the long run.

A quick view of the pages – The mobile users have short attention spans and they usually leave the page that takes more than 3 seconds approx to load the pages. If the website is not optimized properly for the smartphones and tablets, it will take longer to navigate. This makes the users frustrated and they abandon the pages. With website design, it won’t happen. The website designs are built with the latest technology like the responsive image display and the speedy loading space.

Better ranking with SEO – The search engine optimization boosts up with the help of the web design. It is also more important for the content. There are better bounce rates and stronger backlinks that ensure high search ranking. Also, it has additional SEO benefits for the mobile-optimized websites.

Top 10 Cutting Edge Web Design Trends for 2019

February 14, 2019

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Since we are living in an era where smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, the year 2019 will give us the liberty to utilize features like we haven’t heard or done with computer systems. Designing a webpage is crucial and it is important to observe the modifications and understand the cutting-edge tendencies. Mentioned below are few emerging trends in website design that will be huge in 2019

1. Evolved Chatbots – owing to the advancements in machine learning and AI, chatbots will be more efficient, and intelligent. It will show up more on the webpage and will have a higher level of customization as compared to past iterations. It is expected to have bright colors in order to make it more inviting and friendly mascots for a personable face.

2. Natural, organic shapes – the natural shapes and smooth lines will gradually replace the systematic grids. In the year 2019, the trends will impart a feeling of comfort and accessibility. The organic shapes will not just set the page elements apart from the rest, but will also provide depth. The aim is to make the webpage more alive and human by incorporating illusion of movement.

3. Micro-interactions – when you take a small action on an app or a website, it results into a specific response; this is what is a micro-interaction. Like the red icon reflecting the message count of Facebook is micro-interaction. These have been around for a while, but in the year 2019 web pages will feature more. Micro-interactions surprise the user, the event created is human and inviting. The micro-interactions transmit information to the users subtly regarding their usage and actions and impart a smarter feel to the webpage.

4. Minimalism – it looks classic and timeless with little content and elements on the website. The rightly designed website will show the user what he/she has been looking for in a hassle free way. In the year 2019, fade -in effects and animations will make the scrolling more meaningful and will also give web pages more space for content. There will be more of white space and less of distracting elements.

5. More video content – video content diversifies the page and also caters to those audiences who do not have enough time to scan through. Talking about Google, in the mixed search page results, the video content is featured above the standard web pages. Therefore, the websites now prioritizes video production so as to offer content efficiently and easily searchable.

6. Thumb-friendly navigation – the mobile phones have taken over the desktop, so the overall design is now more thumb-friendly.

7. Black and white palettes – color unifies brand, cultivates a mood and also guides users. But in 2019, we will see more black-and-white web designs, making statements where the shapes and textures will appear clearer. Black and white color offer a striking look and by adding an accent of color, it will look more interesting.

8. Glitch art – this is one form of retro design, making its comeback in the year 2019. Glitch art imparts a feeling of confusion and the unintentionally striking image gives the website a psychedelic look.

9. Serifs on the screen – there is this conventional rule that sans serifs are meant for screen and serifs are meant for print. But in the year2019, the decorative, perfect for emphasis serif will give conventional a bit of shock. We will see more of bold serifs in the headers and callouts this year.

10. Diversity – this year, websites will bring together people from different parts of the world, ages, cultures, gender identities and abilities together. There will be a reflection of all in the content rather than just photos of the models.

The Process of Website Designing And Development

February 14, 2019

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The process of Website designing and development

It involves a good understanding of you, your business goals and dreams, and how the web can be used to help you achieve those goals.

It is important that your web designer starts by asking a lot of questions to help them understand your business and your needs on a website. Low cost web designers in hyderabad

Some things to consider are:


What is the purpose of the site? Do you want to provide information, promote a service and sell a product…?

• Goals

What do you hope to accomplish by creating this website? Two of the most common goals are to make money or share information.

• Target audience

Is there a specific group of people who will help you achieve your goals? It’s helpful to imagine the “ideal” person you want to visit on your website. Consider their age, gender, or interests – this will help determine the best design style for your site.

• Content

What kind of information will the target audience search for on your site? Are they looking for specific information, a particular product or service, an online order …?


Define the target audience, purpose, objectives and policies for the development and use of information. The site map is a list of all the main topics of the site, as well as sub-topics, if any. This serves as a guide to site content and is essential for developing a consistent and easy-to-understand navigation system. Web Designers in Hyderabad


Separate information into pieces the size of a page; connect the pages along the user channels and the users’ thinking; provide information, context and navigation cues; create a consistent appearance. The target audience is one of the key factors taken into account. For example, a site for teenagers will be very different from a site for a financial institution. As part of the design phase, it is also important to incorporate elements such as the company logo or colors to reinforce your company’s identity on the website.


Create an extensible directory and a file structure; use HTML tools when useful use models for consistent appearance and consistency; check the implementation in different browsers. web designers in warangal

This is usually done by first developing the home page, followed by a “shell” for the inner pages. The shell serves as a template for your site’s content pages because it contains the main navigation structure of the website. Once the shell is created, your designer will take your content and distribute it across the site, in the appropriate areas.

Test and Delivery

A good web designer is one who is familiar with the current standards of website design and development. The basic technologies currently used are HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). As part of the testing, your designer must verify that all the code written for your website is validated. A valid code means that your site complies with the applicable Web development standards. This is useful when looking for issues such as browser compatibility, as mentioned above. Low Cost Web designing Companies in hyderabad


Work tirelessly and creatively to improve to meet the needs of users; Use test, evaluation, and discussion groups to edit and modify web content as user needs change.

A website managed by a CMS allows you to edit the content areas of the website yourself. You have access to a main administrative area where you can use an online text editor (similar to a mini-version of Microsoft Word). You’ll be able to edit existing content that way, or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can even add new pages and content yourself. The possibilities are limitless!

This is where your web designer’s help comes in again because she can take care of the maintenance of the website for you – one less thing to do is always a good thing in these busy times! best web designers in warangal

Other maintenance type elements include regular site backups, Word Press upgrades, installation of additional plug-ins, etc.

A Successful Roadmap to a Creative Logo Design

February 14, 2019

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The Brief

Almost all designers agree with that the initial amassing of information from the client, constitutes the most important step, either via a questionnaire or an in person interview. This is the point that you must establish your design brief.


After working on the design brief, getting to distinguish your clients’ businesses is the second crucial step in making your logo successful. Research embraces general reading on the niche itself, sometimes on its competitors, and on its history. If budgets allow, you can also go for external research as well.

Visual Research

This research is not really about the client’s business, but into the actual style of logo that you are going to craft. This is the point at which we seek out a style, a look, an approach or attitude, generally to attain a style or period that we are unacquainted with, or to freshen up ourselves with what is trendy, new or successful. Like you can look for the logo designs of similar businesses and review them critically. This is where you hunt for the custom logo design inspiration.

Note: Some designers actually avoid using the visual research, preferring to make use of their own mental source book, although others say that doing so, can be confining your design ideas.

Sketching & conceptualizing

Creating the logo design concept(s) is the point where creativity comes into play, here the designer must create the design by keeping the design brief and research conducted in mind. Some designers apply a napkin to sketch, some do designing on a sketchbook and some use their computers as paper, it depends on personal choice, however creating draft on a computer first up is inadvisable.

When conceptualizing, some designers are usually anxious about the image and graphic style of a piece while others attempt to convey deep meaning or certain sorts of visual puzzle. These logo designs have a bigger impact on viewer’s mind and when a designer crafts one, they know it instantly. It will be unique and add a dimension to the whole identity and to the experience.


This is the point where designers opt how to work. They either position themselves like freelancers and take orders consistent with their client’s wishes or they position themselves as a business and create a long term relationship between clients and themselves. Designers need to choose how they like to work and how to find a happy medium.

Hire a Professional Web Design Agency

February 14, 2019

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To be the best, sometimes you need the best. Nowhere is that more true than in our fast- moving digital-first environment, where hiring a competent web design agency can make all the difference.

In our highly-competitive, tech-focused world, achieving online business success can be challenging. Having a quality digital presence for your business is a vital component to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

A well-designed and thoughtfully developed website is crucial to the success of any business. A unique professional website will help your business or brand to not only attract more visitors, but to effectively convert them into customers. So, it is vital to have a custom website design that stands apart from the competition.

Good web designers and developers help businesses by providing with virtual representations of their brands that speak to the core of who they are. But not only does a professional web development agency create websites; it is equipped to handle all the technical aspects of managing and running the sites on an ongoing basis.

By hiring an exceptional web design services provider you can ensure that your company or brand has a unique identity in the online marketplace that offers your customers a user experience they will both remember and appreciate.

There are other reasons, a high-quality website is now a must have:

  • To Reach Your Target Audience – When doing business online, having a well-designed and user-friendly website is vital to regularly reach your target customers.
  • To Reach Customers Around the Clock – Having a functional and beautiful business website will allow you to reach your customers and prospects 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • To Build Brand Awareness – Increasing brand awareness is one of the most important ways to promote your business on the web, and having a quality website works 24/7 toward that goal.
  • To Better Compete – To get a leg up on your rivals in a highly competitive marketplace, a well-designed website filled with quality content is vital.

For these reasons and many more, it’s important to hire the best possible web design and development agency to put you on track to online business success.

If you are looking for a trusted and experienced provider of web design and development solutions, then look no further than Dotlogics, an award-winning web design agency with a reputation for excellence.

Dotlogics has a multidisciplinary team of web strategists with many years of experience who use the latest, cutting-edge technology to help its clients reach their business goals. So, no matter what your industry, if you want to give your brand or business a competitive advantage online, contact Dotlogics today for a no-obligation consultation on your web design project.