Important Points to Understand About Diesel Truck DEF

March 19, 2019

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Many people are familiar with the brand PEAK as they see it when shopping for automotive fluids. They may even prefer this brand for engine coolant if their vehicle requires adding a little from time. When it comes to a Diesel Truck DEF products are required, and consumers who have always relied on their favorite engine coolant will be glad to know they can buy diesel exhaust fluid in that brand as well.

Adequate Levels

Fleet managers also must make sure that their vehicles have sufficient Diesel Truck DEF at all times. The drivers receive dashboard alerts when the fluid in the container drops to a certain level. They then can refill it the next time they reach a service station. Fleet managers may encourage their drivers to fill the container whenever they add diesel fuel to the tank, as that’s most convenient and prevents the risk of running out.

Training the Drivers

Drivers who have no experience in driving diesel-powered vehicles or in adding DEF must receive some instruction about the exhaust fluid. As with gas-powered automobiles, adding diesel fuel is straightforward because it goes in the fuel tank. DEF does not, however. It goes in a separate container. At service stations, the nozzle for diesel fuel should not fit into the opening for the DEF container. That prevents contamination of diesel with DEF, a product that is meant to go directly into the exhaust system.

Risk of Damage

Someone might wonder whether this actually would be such a big problem, but they can consider all the other fluids that cannot be mixed without the risk of damaging the vehicle. Engine oil lubricates the motor, for instance, and coolant keeps the motor from overheating. Yet these two fluids cannot be combined in the same container.

Routine Maintenance

If the fleet drivers are not traveling to distant locations, the addition of DEF may be part of routine vehicle maintenance back at the company’s location. Each fleet manager has his or her own system. The main points in regard to this particular fluid are making sure it never runs out and that it is not added to the fuel tank.