Consider Scent Marketing for the Business

March 16, 2019

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Businesses that occupy physical locations are quickly becoming extinct in the cities and small towns of this country. Drive down any street and take notice of the vacant storefronts, the number of places advertising going out of business sales, and former business locations that are now temporary holiday supply stores. The scene is a depressing one, so business owners who can still sustain a physical location may want to explore new marketing techniques to keep customers coming through the doors.

Try Adding Scents

While scent marketing is not exactly new, if it has not been tried at your location it may be time to discover the benefits. Diffusing the air with scents is a subtle way to keep customers in the store longer, increase revenues, and direct them to products that need to be highlighted. The automotive section of a home improvement store is experiencing a decline in sales, for example, and the manager wants to encourage customers to browse that section when they enter the store.

A scent diffuser releasing that new car scent into the air of the store is one subtle way to direct customers to that section without them even realizing it. The smell will remind them that need a new air freshener for the vents, they may need washing and waxing products, or decide they want to switch out their mats and steering wheel covers for a new design or pattern. It is likely they will find other products while browsing that section.

Why It Works Well

Smell is processed differently in the human brain than the other senses. The signals of smell go to the same part of the brain that stores memories, processes emotions, and elicits feelings. The pleasant new car smell may remind one customer of his first new car, ignite the love of driving in another customer, or sends the parent of a sixteen-year-old to the automotive section for new windshield wipers to replace the current ones for safety. It is the connections people have to smells that allows this marketing technique to be successful.

The technique is cost-effective, improves the moods and productivity of employees, and is easy to implement. A diffuser system that utilizes a cold air-diffusing technology will cost less money to operate than a system that uses heat or bursts of fragrance. It is more efficient, safer, and leaves no residue on surfaces.